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The Opposite of Helpless (2023)


This mumble-core short film is set during the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.
It follows an art student named Clara, who experiences a depressive episode. When her best friend Lucy comes to check on her, the two unravel their struggles with depression, family, and adulthood, in order to regain each other's trust.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Lior Klein Stern
Starring Elinor Linusson and Rachel Leong
Associate Producer Delali Amegah
Cinematography by Léa Raymondi
Production Design by Sara Cabezas Molina
Edited by Dilinna Ike


אתר 4.png
אתר 3.png

Director Statement

Set during one night, in one location, this story explores themes of friendship, trust, and depression.
Having experience with depression myself, I aspire to portray an honest, deep observation on the topic, through the lens of friendship, family, and tradition.
The film is constructed from different dialogues of the two friends, which move between the poetic and the practical. They discuss fears, hopes, and helplessness.  

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