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Condolence (2023)

A film by Lior Klein Stern (1).png

In a personal letter addressed to her younger sibling, the filmmaker revisits her memories from her parents' divorce, in order to reconnect with her family. Along the way, she unravels her anger at her older sister, the lack of feeling of longing, and the fear of disappearing.
The poetic voice-over is accompanied by gentle animation, which illustrates all the moments and places she felt a sense of home and brings her search for condolences to life.

Written, Directed, and Co-produced by Lior Klein Stern
Animation and Co-produced by Tomily Shani

The film was selected for "FEST -New Directors | New Films Festival" in 2023


Condolence_film still (3).png
Condolence_film still (1).png
Condolence_film still (2).png

Director Statement

In September 2022, my younger sibling asked me and our older sister what we remember from our parents' divorce.
Upset at first, I didn't reply. The question sent me to explore these memories and mostly hurt feelings, and from them I developed this film, which explores themes of home, sisterhood, and forgiveness.
Through the animation, I aspire to portray the uncertainty of the memory, and a glimpse of comfort. I dedicate this work to my sisters, with hope to repair and strengthen our fragile relationship.

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