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Passover, 2019 (2023)

Archived recordings of a Passover celebration, are intertwined with a heartful narration about my last holiday with my deceased grandfather. 

Memorial day (2023)

Through sounds, I aspire to portray in this work the somewhat traumatic experience of the Israeli memorial days.
During the memorial siren, a woman has a panic attack. The violent sounds shake her and make the whole world disappear.

War (2022\24)
Video art

This footage from a demo against the war in Ukraine combined with a list of Palestinian cities aspires to compare the two wars and highlights the hypocrisy of the world's reaction to each one of them.  

Hello, I'm going away (2021)

Unlike old postcards which invite people to come, this photo series is encouraging people to leave. The postcards feature an eccentric character, who travels across Israel, dressed for a train but placed in a field.
The postcards quote famous Hebrew songs - "Hello, I'm going away", "If this is redemption I prefer exile", and "Goodbye boys and girls".

You can Dance if you want (2021)
Video art\Performance

A performance study with my mother, exploring the power of music and live concerts. During a Covid out-break, when all live concerts got canceled, the desire to feel part of an audience, to sing with complete strangers words of pain and love, to feel for a moment less alone, drove me to attempt recreating those feelings and explores those aspects of music with my mom.

Let's go home (2019)
Performance art

In this performance work, I created in an exhibition space a cardboard house, filled with personal objects, toys, art, and photographs, then hosted the visitors of the exhibition in my house, and interviewed them on the places they feel most at home.

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