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A Place to Be (2022)

Two best friends looking for the feeling of home, find a cardboard box and decide to make it their own private, peaceful place. In their process, they allow themselves to revisit childhood adventures and playfulness. The film accompanied by a spoken poem, about the desire to run away and find a place where you're genuinely belong.

Written and Directed by Lior Klein Stern
Starring Aviva Bashun and Michaela 'Oim' SchwarzenauerProduced by Mia-Maria Schanz

The film was selected for "Lift-Off Berlin Film Festival" in 2023


A Place to Be (3).png

Director Statement

Growing up to divorced parents, in houses in which I never had a private space, I always felt like I don't have enough space to exist, and to be whoever I needed to be. In this film, I emphasize the importance of a place where one can feel safe and honest with one's self. The film suggests that sometimes this place can be an unconventional, colorful and creative space, which one create themselves, where one can hide from their daily routine, be a kid once more, and find peace.

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