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Going Home (2022)

Hope deteriorates into melancholia in this unconventional drama, in which college student Anne returns home during Hanukkah with plans to come out to her family as bisexual. Spending time with her sisters and childhood friend, she faces prejudice, pressure, and anxiety—and finds that when it comes to going home, she truly is alone.

Written and Directed by Lior Klein Stern
Starring Valerie Mae Fox
Produced and Edited by Miranda Siegel
Cinematography by Léa Raymondi and Öykü Bargan


Director Statement

"Going Home" examines issues of family and the definition of self in relation to others after leaving one’s place of comfort.
The film highlights alienation and disillusionment with one's own family as a part of the process of coming out, but shatters the illusion of complete resolution by depicting an unexpectedly ambivalent reaction to such a revelation. My goal in this film is to raise questions regarding one's true home, how one is perceived by their family after starting an independent life, and how one can balance social acceptance and self-acceptance.

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