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Now That My Dog is Dead - Coming Soon

עותק של NOW THAT MY DOG IS DEAD (15).jpg

Michaela, an Israeli music student in Berlin, is left hurt and confused after her beloved dog has died. When a heated phone call with her mom leaves her frustrated, Michaela appears at the door of her best friend Anna. Michaela convinces Anna to go on a quest together – walk the whole way to the Kosher grocery store in Pernzelauer Berg to find Michaela's favorite childhood chocolate. Anna, who agrees with slight hesitation, understands Michaela is in crisis, but doesn't know why. During their quest, Anna's frustration from the cold weather and Michaela's lack of communication bring her to her limit, and the tension between them grows. The numbed Michaela tries to express her pain, little by little, and with the help of music, comes back to herself enough to seek help from her best friend.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Lior Klein Stern

Starring Lior Klein Stern and Rachel Leong
Production Manager Teresa Piontek
Cinematography by Léa Raymondi
Production Design by Hanna-Mirtel Paas



Director Statement

Last year, as I was visiting home, my cousin asked me what would I do if my dog would die while I was in Germany. I stayed speechless, can't even imagine the unimaginable at the time. And yet, In July this year, I lost my dog. Even though I was there, and I got the chance to say goodbye, the burden of that loss surprised me. While processing that grief, I started working on this project. It led me to investigate the struggles and fears I gained while living aboard. One of the main fears is to be away while something bad happened. This October, this fear became more real and relevant, as the war began in Israel. It gave this project new layers and new nuances. I aspire to capture a glimpse of the complicated feelings of this situation in my film. Unfortunately, now I can say firsthand how important it is to have support and a community while facing grief, just as Michaela and Anna learn during the film. I want this film to find the people who need hope and support in hard times and will let them, and myself, space to heal.

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